Beautiful Tangle (2019)

1. CASH (Gina Jeffreys, Max Jackson, Rod McCormack) LYRICS

2. DO THAT (Gina Jeffreys, Sam Gay, Templeton Thompson) LYRICS

3. GYPSY SOUL (Gina Jeffreys, Sally Barriss, Rod McCormack) LYRICS

4. HE STILL WANTS TO DANCE WITH HER (feat. LEE KERNAGHAN (Gina Jeffreys, Cathy Majewski, Max Jackson) LYRICS

5. VINTAGE (Gina Jeffreys, Rod McCormack, Fred Koller) LYRICS

6. UNRAVEL (Gina Jeffreys) LYRICS

7. CHASE THE GIRLS (Gina Jeffreys, Max Jackson, Rod McCormack) LYRICS

8. MILESTONES  (Gina Jeffreys and Rod McCormack) LYRICS

9. FERRIS WHEEL RIDE (Gina Jeffreys, Rod McCormack and Emery Adeline.) LYRICS

10. EXHALE (Gina Jeffreys, Rod McCormack, John Scott Sherrill) LYRICS

11. TIME (Gina Jeffreys, Max Jackson) LYRICS

12. ROOM AT THE TABLE (Gina Jeffreys, Sally Barriss, Templeton Thompson) LYRICS

13. RATTLES MY BONES  (Gina Jeffreys, Sam, Templeton Thompson) LYRICS

14. GRAVITY (Gina Jeffreys, Templeton Thompson, Sally Barriss) LYRICS



Acoustic Bass – Dave Pomeroy

Mandolin, Fiddle – Andy Leftwich

Fiddle, Fretless Banjo – Stuart Duncan

Drums and Percussion – John Gardner

Dobro – Justin Moses, Brent Burke

Acoustic Guitar, Banjo,Papoose, Tenor Guitar, Dobro & Percussion – Rod McCormack

Backing Vocals – Templeton Thompson, Ronnie Bowman & Rod McCormack